You might think that in a time when we can listen to music for free on youtube and make a free account on Spotify that piracy would’ve stopped. Unfortunately this is not the case and piracy is still an issue in the music industry. However, there are services that help with this and today I will evaluate one of them: AudioLock. What do they do and how do they do it?

AudioLock offers two different ways to control your content online. One of them is ‘Watermarked Promo Delivery‘. This means that they put a watermark in the song that they then are able to track. This is good when you send a song as promo material to for example the press. If they were to leak the song without your permission, you would know. The watermark is within the sound, but you can’t hear it. But this means that even if they convert the song to a different format, the watermark will remain intact. The cost of this service goes from 1p per watermark if you want more details on the price of this: click here.

The other service that Audio Lock offers is ‘24/7 scanning & takedown‘. This means that they scan the internet (Google, Bing, file lockers, streaming sites, torrent search engines and pirate sites) 24/7, looking for infringing links to your songs, to then take them down. However, they don’t take down the legal links that provide you with revenue and promotion. With one click you can also remove links from streaming sites such as SoundCloud. But don’t worry if you yourself have a SoundCloud channel that you post your songs on: you can white list it. The cost of this service is £6 per track per month, £5 if you choose auto renewal.

By managing the piracy on your songs and removing infringing links you will boost the legitimate links and your sales and chart positions will go up. 


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